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very excited for this new podcast, next step is to get Mr. Pettis to start his own Substack newsletter...

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Thanks lads, I enjoyed this. What I especially liked about this episode is Matt reckoning with inflation and how Michael restates the case for it being a phase rather than a change in regime. In future, I would like to hear from Matt on how he reconciles the current inflationary environment with the superabundance of potential productivity that he alluded to in the episode.

A few more requests…

Firstly, a more comprehensive reckoning with (and dismantling) the argument that central banks need to cause unemployment to stop wage demands from being the mechanism for inflation would be appreciated.

Lastly, a closer look at another ‘anglo-saxon’ economy with deep and accommodating capital markets that is not the United States. My vote would be the UK, because…

- I’m a Brit and I am biased

- Your line of argumentation rests on well-functioning advance economies with deep and accommodating capital markets. What happens in an advanced economy that is advanced but a bit dysfunctional like the UK? I think a closer look at the ‘moron premium’ and BoE pensions intervention might yield insights that have more general applicability.

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